RFQ-hub: A Revolution for Complex,
Illiquid Instruments

A best-in-class platform, RFQ-hub facilitates transparency, liquidity, and accountability in the OTC-negotiated cash equities and derivatives markets. Multi-dealer and bilateral, it seeks to efficiently organize trading workflow between market makers and asset managers.

ITG Acquires RFQ-hub

ITG, a leading independent execution and research broker with global headquarters in NY and European headquarters in London, acquired RFQ-hub as an addition to its global technology platform. ITG is known for its market-leading POSIT® crossing system, its Triton® suite of multi-asset execution management systems, and ITG TCA®, the industry's leading transaction cost analysis system for equities and foreign exchange.

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Technology & Support

  • Minimised operational risk
  • Easily integrated technology
  • Full customisable functionality
  • Cost-effective solution

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Instruments and markets

  • Equity delta one
  • Equity volatility
  • Commodities
  • Fixed income
  • Global coverage
  • Range of underlyings

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